About Dr. Kingsley

1961–1965; New York University - New York, NY
1965–1966; Academia del Arte - Rome, Italy
1966–1968: Apprentice restoration with Ceasar Romano Diorio - New York, NY
1970–1974; SUNY New York - Cortland, NY
1974–1978; Syracuse University - Syracuse, NY
1992–1994; Slade School of Art - London, England

Additional Education:

Studied sculpture in the 1960s with Louise Nevelson & Chiam Gross.

Studied painting in the 1960s with Helen Frankenthaler.

Studied ceramics in the 1960s with Peter Volkros.

Trained in disaster management & clean up in the Caribbean and Central America with the United States Government.

Studied ceramic restoration with the director of ceramic restoration of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England.

Work History:

1968–2024: During this time, I have been self-employed, working as an art conservator doing restoration and consulting in the United States, Europe, Central and South America, the Middle East, and the Caribbean. I have worked for museums, private collectors, art galleries, framers, and antique dealers. I have also done extensive work with insurance companies, as I am a water and fire damage specialist. I was a disaster preparedness coordinator for art and antiquities for the Eastern Caribbean during the 1980s. During the 1990s, I worked as a consultant to the Turkish government, spending time in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, consulting on the restoration of their Greek Orthodox icons.

1970s, I taught weaving and fibers and textiles at the State University of New York.

1980s, I was a textile curator at the Cortland Historical Society (part-time).

1980's; I wrote, produced & directed a PBS television series, "New York Women Artists".

1997 - Present; I am residing in Scottsdale, Arizona, working as a conservator doing restoration and consulting. I continue to do work around the United States as well as outside the country.

Organization Memberships:

An active member of the IIC (International Institute for Conservation of Art and Antiquities) - London, England, as well as the Italian Institute for Conservation of Art and Antiquities in Rome, Italy.

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