Restoration and Conservation of All Fine Art

Art Conservation and Restoration

Preserve your investment and protect your important memories with Gay Kingsley Art Conservation. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Dr. Kingsley has an excellent reputation for restoring works of art utilizing the latest restoration techniques.

About Dr. Kingsley

Art Restoration By Gay Kingsley Ph.D

Dr. Kingsley has worked with museums, independent collectors, art galleries, professional framers, and antique dealers.

In addition, Dr. Kingsley has worked with insurance and disaster restoration (fire & water) companies. This unique relationship allows you peace of mind and allows you to not only have your valued artistic possession restored to its original state but also allows Kingsley to be the intermediary with the aforementioned companies.

Dr. Kingsley is the only professionally educated art conservator in the surrounding area. She will bring your most treasured pieces of art back to life.

Work History: 

1968–Present Day: As a proprietor of my own business, I have been working on restoration and consulting in the United States, Europe, Central and South America, the Middle East, and the Caribbean. I was a disaster preparedness coordinator for the art and antiquities of the Eastern Caribbean during the 1980s. During the 90's, I have been a consultant to the Turkish government, spending time in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as a consultant on the restoration of their Greek Orthodox icons.

1970s: I taught fiber art (weaving and textiles) at the State University of New York.

1980s: I was a textile curator at the Cortland Historical Society (part-time).

1997–Present Day: I resided in Scottsdale, Arizona, working as a conservator doing restoration and consulting. I continue to do work around the United States as well as outside the country.

Keeping Art Beautiful

Dr. Kingsley is passionate about preserving art and antiques. She is dedicated to her craft. It is important to Dr. Kingsley that pieces of art are preserved, so that future generations are able to enjoy them. She can make sure your art collection is cataloged and preserved.

Art conservation helps preserve our human cultural heritage, and Gay Kingsley Art Restoration hopes to make art restoration accessible to all consumers. Contact Dr. Kingsley today at (602) 315-2968 to learn more about her restoration services.